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Computer and ink cartridge reuse and recycling

Find out what to do with unwanted computers, computer parts, printers and toners.

If your computer still works

You can sell it, donate it to charity, or give it away.

One option is to donate it to Lewisham Device Library, run by Catbytes. There, all computers will be wiped of their data to a professional standard. Catbyte’s team of volunteers then set to work on repairing the computers if necessary so they can be loaned out at the library. Lewisham Device Library also accept donations of other electrical devices

Donate a device.

For other donation ideas, try the links below:

If you have multiple computers to donate (i.e. from a workplace), please contact Computer Aid International.

Before donating, in order to prevent identity fraud you should remove all personal data from your computer.

To do this, either:

  • overwrite the hard disk using specialist software. You can do this yourself or ask a reputable company to do it for you
  • remove the hard disk before donating or recycling your computer.

If your computer doesn't work

If your computer is broken then it can still potentially be donated to Lewisham Device Library.

Donate a device. Alternatively you can take your computer to our reuse and recycling centre on Landmann Way in New Cross.  There, we reprocess computer parts such as monitors, motherboards, hard disk drives and keyboards. We do not wipe data using software applications or methods such as magnetic wiping.

Printer toner and inkjet cartridges

Most cartridge manufacturers provide free postage bags with new cartridges so you can return the old one.

You can recycle them at stores such as Ryman and Cartridge World.

You can also recycle them from home by using online recycling websites, including some that will pay you for recycling them.

Search for printer cartridge recycling online or go straight to the Recycle Aid website.