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Universal short breaks for families of disabled children

Anyone can access universal short breaks, which are services for disabled and non-disabled children.

Everyone can access universal short breaks, which are mainstream services that cater for disabled and non-disabled children and young people. Parents and carers can get a short break from their caring responsibilities by using these activities.

Cost of activities

There is usually a cost involved with most mainstream activities. This can vary depending on the activity and who provides it. 

It is your responsibility to find, select and pay for short breaks activities you want your child to use so you can get a short break. This is the same for families with non-disabled children.

Some universal services may offer discounts for disabled children and their carers. You need to ask the service directly if they offer concessions. 

Get help or support

Occasionally, a child’s needs are so great that a service is not able to accommodate them. If your family is ever in this situation, please contact us as we may be able to offer advice, guidance and support.

It's your responsibility to assess the quality, safety and any risks associated with the mainstream activities that you would like your child or young person to attend. All service providers are required to make reasonable adjustments for people with a disability under the Equality Act 2010.


Children with Complex Needs Service - Short Breaks 

Telephone: 07468 709362 / 07468 709083 / 07468 709273 / 07468 709303 / 07920 045899 / 07468 709247 / 07827 305591

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