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Who needs to be fostered?

Fostering is for children and young people aged up to 18 years, who cannot live with their family.
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Children need to be looked after for a variety of reasons:

  •  Some children may need a period of time in care while a crisis at home is being assessed and support is being put in place.
  •  The parent may need extra support to help them parent successfully, and the children will need to be cared for in a foster placement while that is taking place.
  •  The parent may be unwell and have no family or friends to care for their children while they receive treatment.
  • A parent’s dependence on drugs or alcohol may mean that they cannot put their children’s needs first.
  •  A parent is absent.

Children and young people who need to be fostered may: 

  • Be on their own  
  • Have disabilities 
  • Have siblings 
  • Be teenagers 
  • Be unaccompanied asylum seekers.