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Looking after someone else's child

Our family and friends care policy is made available here to help people understand when and how we might support friends and family to care for children outside of the birth parents.

We recognise that many children who are not able to be looked after by their birth parents are looked after by members of their extended family, friends or other people who are connected with them for a variety of reasons and in a variety of different arrangements.

We believe that in the great majority of cases families and friends should be allowed and will be able to make suitable arrangements for the care of children known to them without involvement from central or local government.

This policy defines the different sorts of arrangements that lead to children being cared for by people from within their wider family and friendship network and sets out the approach by us towards promoting and supporting the needs of such children.

It highlights the key principles underpinning the policy and covers the assessments, planning and decision making process which will be carried out to determine the services required and how such services will then be provided.