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Lead professional's role in team around a family (TAF) meetings

Where more than one agency is providing a service to a child or family, a lead professional should act as a single point of contact.
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Where more than one agency is involved with a child with additional needs, children and young people should:

‘experience a seamless and effective service where one practitioner takes the lead to ensure that services are coordinated, coherent and achieving intended outcomes’ (DfES, 2006).

The lead professional should ensure that the child and family remain central to any decision made. The outcome for children, young people and their families is that it will help to diminish some of the frustrations traditionally experienced when they need support from a range of services.

Key duties of the lead professional

The key duties are to:

  • act as a single point of contact for the child or young person and family
  • reduce overlap and inconsistency in the services provided
  • have an overview of the actions agreed by the practitioners involved.

The lead professional should liaise with both the child (and family) and the other involved practitioners to coordinate the support offered to the child. This should reduce overlap between services and ensure that efforts are being made to meet all of the child’s needs.

It is important that the lead professional has an overview of risk factors and protective factors for the child so that it is clear whether the level of support being given is appropriate to the child’s needs.


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