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Early Help Assessments

Information about the Early Help Assessments.

The Early Help Assessment

An Early Help Assessment (EHA) is nothing to be worried about. It can start with a conversation with parents/carers to work out how to help them stop small problems becoming bigger and more difficult to manage.

It is important to talk about things that are going well and as well as things that are a worry for the children, young person or family.

Best practice is to agree with parents/carers, young people and children (where age appropriate) what to write  in the EHA so there is a record of what was discussed and shared.  This reduces the need for people to re-tell their story if other services are needed to support families.

It is really important that children’s views, wishes and goals are included in the EHA.

How to complete an Early Help Assessment

First of all, refer to our threshold of intervention document for information on how to identify difficulties and set interventions.

Then follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Gather and record information.

  2. Think about how this information impacts on the child and family.

  3. Plan a course of action.

When you’ve completed it, discuss the EHA with the family and ensure they have a copy. 

After you complete an EHA

After you meet with the family and complete an EHA, an initial TAF should be held within 4 weeks.

Find out more

For support and advice about completing the EHA and TAF, contact the Early Help Coordinators in Family Thrive by phoning 0208 314 7333 or email: EHCFamilyThrive@Lewisham.gov.uk

Getting consent

Consent is required for an Early Help Assessment by the parents/carers who are participating in the EHA.

If you are a professional completing an EHA, it is your duty to fully explain consent to the family you are working with and give them the option to consent fully or to particular areas and services.

Find out more about getting consent.

For more information regarding the use of your personal data, you can view our privacy policy.



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