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Step three of getting adult social care support – the in-depth assessment of your care needs

Step three in the process of exploring your adult social care support needs is to decide whether or not to ask us for an in-depth assessment.
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Results of the wellbeing self-assessment

Are you likely to be eligible?

When you fill in the wellbeing self-assessment, at the end of the form we will tell you whether or not you're likely to be eligible for support from us.

Personalised suggestions

The form will also give you suggestions on how you might meet your own needs. These suggestions are personalised, based on what you have told us.

You may decide that you can solve your issue without asking us for an in-depth assessment. However, everyone is entitled to ask us for a full assessment. You will see instructions for how to do this at the end of the wellbeing self-assessment.

What happens when you ask for an assessment

When you submit the form to us and ask for an adult social care assessment, we will call you back and complete an in-depth assessment of your needs.

The in-depth assessment of needs

This assessment takes up to six weeks. We assess your needs in depth, determine what you can do for yourself and offer useful things like equipment and community contacts.

If we find that you meet the eligibility threshold, then we offer social care support.

If you are not eligible we offer you information, advice and tailored recommendations to help you.

Exploring your adult social care support needs – the process