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Step five of getting adult social care support – planning how to use your budget

If you have been allocated a personal budget for adult social care services we can work with you to plan how the budget could be used.
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This is step five in process of getting adult social care support.

Planning how to use your budget

We have support planners who will meet with you and anyone else important to you. We can identify:

  • what you can do for yourself

  • what you need help with

  • what you want to achieve

  • what support is already available to you.

Your needs can be met through local support and services and we have lots of information and advice about what is available.

The end result is an agreement about how your money will be used to meet your goals, aspirations and needs.

Get help with your adult social care services application

Whether you are undergoing an assessment, review, support planning or safeguarding enquiry you can get confidential and non-judgmental support to help you understand the process and what your options are from an independent advocate. For a referral, speak to your social worker. Find out more about advocacy services available.

Exploring your adult social care support needs – the process