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Local Development Framework evidence base for urban design

LDF evidence base: urban design.

Tall buildings study

This study is one of the evidence based documents to support LDF Core Strategy policy on tall buildings in Lewisham.

Using the methodology developed by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and English Heritage, its purpose is to assess whether particular locations are suitable for tall buildings as part of higher density, mixed use regeneration programmes within Lewisham's regeneration and growth corridor areas.

The document is intended to provide a robust yet flexible approach that complements the spatial strategy for regeneration and growth. The suitability of locations for tall buildings will be analysed as well as the constraints and any mitigation measures needed to ensure tall buildings make a positive contribution to a site and its wider character.

Borough-wide character study

The Lewisham Borough-wide Character Study provides a description of the physical form of the borough, its origins, places, streets and buildings to inform an understanding of the particular attributes which make the Lewisham borough what it is today.

The study provides the evidence for policies set out in the Lewisham LDF Core Strategy and acts as a general reference document for the council and residents, developers, designers, planners and other stakeholders.

A characterisation study was undertaken in 2019 to inform the new Local Plan.

Pubs in Lewisham study

Public houses or pubs hold a special place in British society and culture. This is in part evidenced by the numerous reports and newspaper articles in recent years lamenting the ‘loss of the pub’.

In recent years a number of individuals and organisations have raised issues about the loss of pubs with the Council. This has often been in connection with individual planning applications to demolish and redevelop local pubs. The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have also written to the Council to request that planning policy be introduced to help protect and save local pubs from redevelopment.

The Council is currently preparing a Development Management Local Plan to set out detailed planning policies for the borough and supplement the adopted Core Strategy. The Pubs In Lewisham study draws together information about public houses in Lewisham and the UK and will provide the evidence base for any policy put forward in the emerging local plan to address the loss of pubs.