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Local Development Framework evidence base for infrastructure

LDF evidence base: infrastructure.

Infrastructure delivery plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) represents our current understanding on infrastructure issues. The IDP has been prepared in consultation with those responsible for delivering infrastructure throughout the borough. This includes:

  • physical infrastructure such as transport, utilities, waste management and flood defence

  • social infrastructure such as education, health, leisure, estate renewal and emergency services

  • green infrastructure such as parks, allotments, cemeteries and church yards.

The IDP is accompanied by a schedule in order to identify infrastructure needs and costs (including where possible phasing of development), funding sources and responsibilities for delivery.

Social infrastructure framework

The Social Infrastructure Framework (SIF) provides a preliminary assessment of the social infrastructure requirements associated with housing development and population growth forecast for the borough. The SIF aligned with the methodology used for the London Thames Gateway Social Infrastructure Framework model. The SIF reports the findings of a discrete piece of work based on the output derived for the Thames Gateway as a whole. It sets out our understanding of the situation as of December 2008.

The social infrastructure assessed includes education, health and social care, leisure and recreation facilities, community facilities, open space, and emergency services. Cross-borough provision is not identified or considered.

The SIF study was superseded by the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.​​​


A southeast London borough waste technical paper has been prepared by the London Boroughs’ of Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark, Bexley and Bromley. This shows how each borough, including the London Borough of Lewisham, will meet its waste apportionment obligations arising from the London Plan.

Transport studies

Three transport studies have been completed for the borough to assess the impact of additional development on the existing transport services including roads and public transport.

Deptford and New Cross transport infrastructure study

Urban Initiatives were commissioned to prepare a transport study for the area of Deptford and New Cross. The study is intended to guide investment in transport and provide a co-ordinating strategic baseline for forthcoming development sites within the area.

Lewisham town centre transport study

Colin Buchanan were commissioned to undertake a transport study of Lewisham Town Centre. The study takes account of committed public transport and highways improvements, and aims to:

  • identify additional transport measures which would be required to support a more intensive level of development
  • identify any additional land requirements
  • aid in the determination of the individual planning applications.

Borough-wide transport study

Colin Buchanan were commissioned to undertake a borough-wide transport study. This is aimed at assessing the combined impact on the highway and public transport networks in the borough of various proposed developments.