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The process we follow to introduce a CPZ

​We consult local residents and other stakeholders to inform any decisions we make to introduce CPZs. 

The process

  • We consult local residents living within and around the area of any proposed zone. If it is clear that we have the broad support of residents, we will draw up a draft design. If we do not have the broad support of residents, we will not normally proceed with the development of a zone. However, when we do have majority support, it does not necessarily mean that we can satisfy every individual's requirements.
  • We hold a public exhibition to show residents and local businesses the design and invite them to comment on it. We may then amend the plans to take account of residents' comments.
  • The proposals are put forward for statutory consultation with the emergency services and other representative groups, such as transport providers.
  • We draw up a traffic management order, which will give the controls their effect.
  • We begin marking out the bays and the yellow line restrictions. We give residents notice of when this lining work is to be carried out, as it is usually necessary for drivers to remove their cars while the lines are being painted.
  • When lining and signing work is nearly complete, we give notice to all households of the date of the start of enforcement. We aim to give residents around two weeks’ notice to allow them enough time to buy permits.

The whole process from the first plans and consultation to having a zone in on the ground can take up to 18 months. This may sound like a long time but we feel it is better to develop our plans in partnership with the local community and have the details right by the time the zone is implemented.

How are CPZs designed?

The first priority in any CPZ is safety. For that reason, all junctions are double yellow lined. We use double or sometimes single yellow lines to protect three metres' width of carriageway space for emergency and essential service vehicle access, and to protect driveways and manoeuvring space.

Residents are given first priority in the use of the remaining space.

Normally there is some extra space which we use for pay-and-display bays for customers of local businesses. Where possible we will also allocate some business bays. Some bays will be dual- or triple-use.

Unfortunately, in some streets there is not enough space for all the residents' needs. Even in a CPZ, we cannot guarantee availability of parking space in your street.

A commonly raised issue is over the impact of lots of signage. We are very conscious of the visual impact on an area of extra traffic signs. Signs in a zone are kept to a minimum and are displayed as unobtrusively as possible without becoming invisible to the motorist.