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Free temporary parking permits for COVID-19 key workers

We are providing free temporary parking permits for key workers during this difficult period.

Over 3000 free temporary parking permits have been distributed to key organisations across Lewisham to enable key workers to park without the worry of receiving a penalty charge notice (PCN).

This includes emergency services (police, ambulance and fire brigade), NHS staff and volunteers helping with the COVID-19 crisis.

You can find a full list of key workers on the GOV.UK website.

How to apply

If you are a COVID-19 key worker and would like to apply for a free temporary permit, you will be required to provide evidence of key worker status.

Acceptable evidence includes:

  • a letter/ email from your employer detailing key worker status
  • a photograph of your work pass/ work ID

Permits will remain valid until 22 August 2020.

How long are the parking permits valid?

Our free temporary key workers permits are being extended until 22 August 2020.

If you applied in the first phase by emailing us directly, you should receive an email confirmation of the extension by Friday 5th June.

If you applied via our online permit system, your online permit account will be automatically updated.

Where can you park?

In Lewisham, key worker parking permit holders are permitted to park in or on:

  • on street permit bays
  • on street Pay to Park bays

Holders are not permitted to park in or on the:

  • single yellow lines
  • council operated car parks
  • loading bays
  • short-stay parking bays
  • footway (including the pavement)
  • double yellow lines
  • bus stops
  • zig-zag markings
  • disabled persons parking bays

Please note that anyone who has applied for a key workers permit must be a valid COVID-19 key worker. Those who are not may have their permits cancelled.

Please check this page frequently for any updates.