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Reading groups

Love reading? Enjoy discussing books? Then join a reading group. These informal groups are an opportunity for anyone aged 16 or over to share reading experiences. Some of our groups have re-started, others are considering it so please check with the individual libraries for the latest information.

Reading groups now meeting

Online reading group

Torridon Road reading group

  • Torridon Road Library
  • third Saturday of the month, 11.00am–1pm
  • @CorbettLibrary

Manor House Saturday reading group 

  • Manor House Library 

  • second Saturday of the month, 11am–12 noon

Reading groups not restarted

Torridon Road Library reading group

  • Torridon Road Library
  • second Saturday of the month, 2-3.30pm
  • @CorbettLibrary

Lewisham reading group 

  • Lewisham Library 

  • first Saturday of the month, 10.30am–12 noon 

Crime reading group 

  • Lewisham Library  

  • third Saturday of the month, 10.30am–12 noon

Forest Hill reading group

  • Forest Hill community library service

  • second Tuesday of the month, 6.30–7.30pm

Manor House reading group

  • Manor House Library

  • last Thursday of the month, 2–3pm

Blackheath reading group

  • Manor House Library 

  • first Thursday of the month, 6–7pm

Blackheath Library reading group

  • Blackheath Library
  • Tuesdays, 3.15–4.15pm

Sydenham reading group

  • Sydenham community library service

  • first Tuesday of the month, 6–7pm

Crofton Park book club

  • Crofton Park Community Library

  • last Tuesday of the month, 6.30–7.30pm

 If you are looking for ideas for your reading group, try Love Reading for reviews and recommendations.

If you would like to set up a reading group using our printed or digital collections, please get in touch.