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Refugee resettlement programm

Find out about the benefits and support available if you rent your property to refugees.

What we’re offering refugees

We’re resettling refugee families and helping them start their lives in Lewisham. Refugee families are part of our five-year resettlement programme. We, alongside one of our support providers, are going to be helping them every step of the way.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking to work with private landlords and estate agents to find properties at affordable rents, for refugees to live in. Join the growing number of landlords in Lewisham, who are already renting out their properties to refugee families and making a positive difference to their lives.

Who are these refugee families?

These families have left a home that isn’t safe. The UN has referred them to us for resettlement. They need some help as they start to rebuild their lives in Lewisham.

Refugee families take the idea of home seriously, because they know what it is to lose theirs.

How we make sure they will be good tenants

We are supporting refugees to be independent.

We have a service that helps them:

  • have a steady income
  • maintain their tenancies
  • know their responsibilities as tenant.

What you will get

Benefits include:

  • peace of mind knowing your property is being put to good use
  • tenant-matching service
  • tenancy training and support
  • tenancy sign-up and agreement
  • no fees for tenant matching or tenancy documentation
  • support network for your tenants with dedicated support worker, reducing any concerns
  • cash incentives available.

Please note, we’re looking for entire private rented properties for refugees, where the landlord does not live in the property.

Get in touch today and find out more about the opportunity to give a family safe and secure home while you’re permanently renting out your private rented property.


Property and Business Accounts Team
020 8314 6733