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What you can use a home repairs grant or loan for

The home repairs grant and loans can cover all work needed to bring your home up to the decent homes standard.

What you can use a home repairs loan for

You can use a home repairs loan to:

  • fix serious disrepair to roofs, walls, windows, doors and chimneys
  • fix serious disrepair to gas and electrical installations
  • fix any hazards that present a serious health risk
  • replace kitchens that are old and in poor repair, or where you can’t safely prepare food
  • replace bathrooms that are old and in poor repair, or provide hot water or an indoor toilet
  • stop your home being cold and damp, install full gas central heating and loft and cavity wall insulation.

What works you must do

To be eligible for a grant or loan, you must carry out all the work that your home needs to bring it up to a decent standard. You can’t leave out work that will leave your home in a non-decent condition.

You can apply for a separate emergency home repairs grant, which does not require you to do all the work to bring your home up to a decent standard.

Extra home repairs

If you want to carry out extra work, you need to negotiate the cost directly with your contractor.

Getting a quote

To get a grant or loan, you need to give us two original quotations or estimates from legitimate building contractors for the full cost of the building work.

Choosing a building contractor

Although we will organise a loan or grant, you will choose and organise a contractor to carry out the work. It is important to take care when choosing a building contractor. You should not enter into any agreement with a contractor until your grant or loan application has been approved and you are certain you can meet the cost of the work.

Where to find a contractor

You can find a contractor using Trustmark, which is a scheme backed by the Government, the building trade and consumer groups.

Find out if you can apply for a home repairs loan.

Maintaining your home

It is your responsibility to maintain your home once the grant has been awarded and the works completed (unless you are a private tenant with a repairing obligation).

Contact us

You can contact us on the details below. If you email us, please include HRG in the subject line of your email.