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Disabled facilities grant or loan terms and conditions

If you are applying for a grant or loan to adapt your home for a disabled person, read the terms and conditions here.

Grant terms and conditions

  • There is a 10-year grant condition for homeowners for grants over £5,000. 
  • There is a five-year grant condition for tenants for grants over £5,000. 
  • The first £10,000 of any grant above £5,000 (between £5,000 and £15,000) must be repaid in full if the owner or disabled person disposes of the property, or fails to comply with any of the grant conditions, within 10 years (or five years) of the date we certify that the works have been completed (this is known as the certified date).

Loan terms and conditions

A loan will be registered as a legal charge with land registry. The loan will be interest free and no regular repayments are needed. It must be repaid in full and without interest in the following circumstances:

  • Within six months of the death of the owner, or in the case of joint owners, within six months of the death of the last owner. If the disabled person is not the owner, this condition will not be enforced while the disabled person remains living at the property.
  • If the whole or part of the property is sold at least five years after the certified date.
  • In the case of long leaseholders, on the date 50 years from the expiry of the lease.

This is a short summary. For full information on the grant and loan conditions, read the housing assistance policy below.