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Your property

See your rights and responsibilities, find out about your lease, options to purchase freehold, making alternations and insurance claims.

Your lease

A lease is a legal agreement between you, the leaseholder, and us as the landlord. Find out about services we provide and how to extend your lease.

New leaseholders

Everything you need to know about being a leaseholder.

Subletting a leasehold property

You don't need permission from us to rent out your leasehold property - but you must tell us if you do.


If you're a leaseholder, the Council is usually responsible for arranging your building's insurance, which covers the structure and communal parts of the building.

Looking after your property

If you own a Council property you must get consent from us before making any alterations to your property.

Buying the freehold

For some Council owned properties, it's possible to purchase the freehold from us – but you'll need to meet some conditions.