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Making our buildings more energy efficient

Read how we are making our buildings more energy efficient and keep up to date with project developments. Work will commence on 18 November 2021.

Lewisham Council declared a climate emergency in April 2019 and aim to make the borough carbon neutral by 2030. In response the Council published its Climate Emergency Action Plan in 2020 which sets out how this will be achieved.

The biggest contributor to carbon emissions in Lewisham is the burning of natural gas for heating and hot water production. In February 2021 the Council successfully bid for 3.5 million from the government to help meet its carbon net zero ambitions by 2030.

In order to reduce our reliance on carbon based fuels we will be installing the following at Brockley Rise:

  • LED sensor lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • A group source heat pump
  • Insulated heating pipes
  • Heating controls.

Work will start on Thursday 18 November and should be completed by the end of March 2022. Upon completion Brockley Rise will be ‘net zero ready’ with first ground source heat pump on a Lewisham Council building.

In order to install the ground source heat pump, 20 x 200 meter rods will be inserted into the ground (in the car park around the building). These rods will draw the heat from the ground to push into the system for the building.

Whilst every care will be taken to ensure your learning experience is not disrupted, there will be some noise disruption whilst the bore holes are being drilled. However we will try to keep disruptions to a minimum wherever possible.

Watch this video of a bore hole drilling ring in action to get an idea of what the process involves.

Access to parking at Brockley Rise

The front carpark will not be accessible whilst the works are carried out. There will only be disabled parking available in the rear carpark, however access maybe further restricted at times as the works progress. There is free residential parking in the surrounding areas.  

Works at Granville Park and Grove Park

We will be installing the following at Granville Park:

  • An air source heat pump
  • LED sensor lighting
  • Heating controls.

At Grove Park we will be installing:

  • An air source heat pump
  • Solar panels LED sensor lighting
  • Insulate heating pipes
  • Wall insulation
  • Hot water upgrade. 

Installation of LED lighting will commence on 13 December at Grove Park and in January at Granville Park.

Work to install the air source heat pumps at Granville Park and Grove Park will start week commencing 17 January.