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English courses for improvers

Find out about our Entry Levels 2 and 3 English courses.

On these courses you will:

  • improve your reading skills on short texts that instruct, inform, describe, narrate and explain
  • improve your writing skills by writing letters, e-mails, simple narratives and reports
  • improve your speaking and listening skills in discussions and group work
  • learn to use a range of punctuation correctly, including; full stops, capital letters, commas, question marks and exclamation marks
  • start learning some grammar (at Entry Level 3), such as subject-verb agreement, consistent use of tenses, and definite and indefinite articles
  • You will be assessed in the summer term 2020. This will involve completing separate exam papers in reading, writing and communication skills.

How to enrol

Before you enrol you need to come to a pre-course assessment (PCA) where we will assess your skill level, discuss your goals and recommend the right course for you. These assessments take place throughout the year, please see the pre-course assessment page for upcoming dates and how to book.

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Course information sheets