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Keeping Lewisham safe during COVID-19

Find information about COVID-19 rates in Lewisham and our Outbreak Prevention and Control Plan.

Rate of COVID-19 cases in Lewisham

Our Public Health Team is monitoring the daily number of cases very carefully and working with Public Health England and other partners to assess the risk and prepare for any outbreaks that might happen.

We expect small changes in the number of cases from day to day. To identify significant changes in COVID-19 levels it is more helpful to look at changes in the number of cases occurring on a week by week basis. It is also important to compare levels of disease in Lewisham to other areas to put any local changes into the context of what is happening regionally and nationally.

Below you can see the 7 day COVID-19 case rate for Lewisham in comparison to London and England. The case rate represents the total number of COVID-19 cases occurring in an area over the previous 7 days divided by population size. This standardises the data and enables comparisons to be made across areas of different population sizes. We will update this information on a weekly basis.

7 day COVID-19 case rate (per 100,000) 

Lewisham London England



Up to latest specimen date: 1 October 2021
Table updated on 8 September 2021.

This table is updated on a weekly basis following the Government’s publication of the latest data.

Track the latest data on COVID-19 cases at a national and local level on the Government’s coronavirus data website.

Lewisham remains in a very strong position and this is thanks to the rapid response and resilience of our NHS, social care and public health networks. Every one of us has a role to play in stopping the spread of coronavirus. You can help by:

Lewisham COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan

As lockdown restrictions are eased and people begin to have more contact with others, there is a greater risk of localised outbreaks. It is important that these are found and responded to as quickly as possible in order to contain the virus.

Our COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan sets out how we will work with partners, including Public Health England, to prevent, identify and manage any COVID-19 outbreaks in Lewisham and ensure that residents and communities are protected.

The plan is a live document and will be updated regularly as new information and guidance becomes available.

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