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Measures to support walking and cycling during COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are developing measures to help residents make essential trips on foot or by bicycle. Our main aim is to support social distancing.

Residents appear to have been walking and cycling more during the lockdown period. We really welcome the reduction in traffic and improvement in air quality in recent weeks and support these changes in the long-term. An estimated 25 per cent of carbon emissions in Lewisham come from transport. So by encouraging a shift towards walking and cycling we are also taking action on the Climate Emergency.

We want to act quickly to protect the health and safety of Lewisham residents in the long term. Evidence emerging from cities outside the UK suggests that once restrictions start to ease, car use increases and public transport use decreases. Fewer than half of the households in Lewisham owns a car. By introducing walking and cycling improvements we hope that more residents will consider using active travel to get to their destinations.

To continue to promote walking and cycling whilst following social distancing rules we will be:

  • significantly expanding the School Streets programme
  • introducing over 30 modal filters to end known rat-runs on residential streets
  • creating more space for pedestrians and cyclists along main roads.

You can read about, and comment on, our temporary measures to support walking and cycling.


FAQs about the Deptford High Street measures

What is happening on Deptford High Street?

Deptford High Street will be blocked to through traffic at the junction with Deptford Broadway (A2) on 18 May for four weeks to allow for essential gas pipe works to take place. Vehicles will be able to exit Deptford High Street. Some parking bays at the extreme southern end of Deptford High Street may need to be suspended for the duration of these works – these will be indicated by signs.

Footway widening barriers will be put on the eastern side of the high street between Giffin Street and Deptford Broadway (where there are no market traders) to enable social distancing. Footway widening barriers will also be installed on the western side of Deptford High Street between Giffin Street and Deptford Station.

Why are you making these changes?

These are urgent measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. They are designed to help residents make essential trips on foot or by bicycle. Our primary aim is to support social distancing.

Why wasn't there a consultation or trial for these measures?

Urgent action is needed in these high-footfall areas. Without this, it is very difficult for people to keep two metres apart. For public health and safety reasons, we needed to introduce these measures immediately. So there was no time for trialing and consultation.

How is it possible to do this?

The road closure on Deptford High Street is being introduced using a temporary traffic management order (TTMO). This order is advertised on the street by notice and in the local press for 21 days before commencement.

There is no requirement to consult or advertise on the installation of barriers to widen the footway on the west side, where parking is already prohibited.

How long will the road be closed?

Deptford High Street will be closed at its junction with Deptford Broadway (A2) from 18 May for four weeks.

How will deliveries be made?

Deliveries can be made as normal. Loading and unloading is permitted in existing dedicated loading bays. The barriers will include gaps to allow for pedestrian movement and delivery of goods from vehicles parked in the loading bays.

Delivery vehicles will be able to exit using Reginald Road from 18 May.

Some parking and/or loading bays at the southern end of Deptford High Street may need to be suspended during the works from 18 May. These suspensions will be indicated by signs.

Will the restrictions apply at night?

Barriers will be in place overnight. The road closure at the junction of Deptford High Street with the A2 will be in place from the 18 May for four weeks all day and all night.

How will refuse be collected?

Refuse will be collected as normal. Refuse vehicles will need to exit using Reginald Road from 18 May.

Can businesses extend their forecourts?

We are asking businesses not extend the forecourts during this period so that space is available to maintain social distancing.

If market stalls are operating can they park their vehicles on site?

There is parking space available in Frankham Street and Reginald Street.

How will cyclists use the road?

Cyclists may use the road normally once the barriers are in place. When the road closure is installed at the junction of Deptford High Street and Deptford Broadway, a dedicated space will be provided for cyclists moving between those roads.

How are the closures being advertised?

These measures are being advertised on our website, through social media, through the local press and on signage in the area.

What about access for disabled people?

Parking provision on Deptford High Street will not change. There is one dedicated disabled parking bay. Blue Badge holders can also park in the time limited parking bays for any time if they display their Blue Badge in the vehicle.

How can I comment on the proposals?