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COVID-19 advice in other languages and easy read format

Find COVID-19 guidance and resources in other languages and in English easy read format.

Doctors of the World resources

Doctors of the World have translated official Government COVID-19 guidance into 60 languages. 

Government resources

You can find COVID-19 guidance from the Government in the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu and Welsh. There is also guidance in easy read format.

You can also find various COVID-19 resources and services in your language on the Mayor of London's website.

NHS resources

The NHS COVID-19 website is available in different languages. It has also made guidance available in easy read format and different languages.

World Health Organisation resources

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has COVID-19 guidance in a number of languages:

Live news coverage from the BBC

The BBC has news coverage of COVID-19 in different languages. 

Read BBC news in your language.

Audio files

The audio files below explain the latest COVID-19 guidance. Download them and share them with your friends and family.

Lockdown guidance in Gujarati

m4a, 1.8MB


Lockdown guidance in Polish

m4a, 1.8MB


Lockdown guidance in Romanian

m4a, 1.7MB


Lockdown guidance in Somali

m4a, 1.5MB


Lockdown guidance in Turkish

m4a, 823.9KB