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Educating your child at home

See a list of resources to help you while educating your child at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

All schools have provided their pupils with work to do, either by email or on their website.

Getting help and support with home learning

If you need specific help and support with home learning you should contact your child's school directly.

The Outreach Inclusion Service offers support to children who are more vulnerable (e.g. those with challenging behaviour and/or a poor attendance record), but who do not have a social worker or an education, health and care plan. Find out more about our Outreach Inclusion Service.

This service has counsellors and therapists who can offer sessions with children or parents and carers to help them cope better while at home.

Online resources to help with home learning

There are lots of online resources available to keep your child busy and learning during this time. Here are some ideas:

Help accessing the internet

Parents, carers and pupils cannot apply for laptops, tablets or internet access. You should contact your school for help accessing remote education.

Mobile data packages are available for families who need it. Find out more information on mobile data packages on the Government website.

It is possible to use a PlayStation or Xbox to access popular online learning platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Find out how to use a PlayStation or Xbox to help with online learning on the Wired website.

Families under pressure

The Maudsley Trust has shared some simple tips to help deal with negative emotions and behaviour during this stressful time. These tools have been formulated by researchers and NHS mental health experts and are proven to work with families. These tools include:

  • Help with difficult behaviour (Tips 1-8)
  • Help with negative emotions (Tips 9-12)

Read tips on how to deal with negative emotions and behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic on the Maudsley Trust website.

Help in other languages

The below resources are available in many different languages: