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Nannies, registered home carers and au pairs

Nannies, registered home carers and au pairs provide care for your children in your own home.


Nannies can offer very flexible childcare arrangements and are employed directly. They are not subject to the requirements of the Children Act and therefore do not have to be registered by OfSTED.

The Supernanny website has information on hiring a nanny.

Registered home caring is a new form of approved childcare that was introduced in 2003.

A registered home carer is a person who is already a registered child minder, but who has made arrangements to work in the parents' home.

Further details can be found by calling the OfSTED information helpline on 0845 601 4771.

An au pair comes to live in your house as a member of the family. Most are young people from other European countries who are looking to improve their English.

The Growing Kids website has information hiring an au pair.