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Find out who can vote and how to register to vote.
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Registering to vote

Find out how to register to vote, how to remove your details from the open electoral register and how to get proof that you are registered.

Who can vote in UK elections

Find out if you are eligible to vote in UK elections.

How to vote by post or proxy

If you are registered to vote, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote. This means you don't have to vote at a polling station.

Voter registration for the armed forces, crown servants and overseas electors

If you are overseas in the armed forces, work for the Government or are a British citizen living outside the UK, you may still be able to vote.

Anonymous voter registration

If you need to keep your identity private, you can apply for anonymous voter registration.

The number of signatures a petition needs to trigger a local referendum

To trigger a local referendum, 5% of the electorate need to sign a petition. Find out what that figure is for the Lewisham borough.