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General election 2019

A UK parliamentary general election is due to take place on 12 December 2019.

There are three Members of Parliament (MPs) to be elected to represent Lewisham constituencies of:

  • Lewisham Deptford
  • Lewisham East
  • Lewisham West and Penge.


Register to vote

The deadline to register to vote is midnight on 26 November 2019.

Who can vote

To vote in this election you must be registered to vote and:

  • be 18 or older on 12 December 2019 and
  • have British, Commonwealth or Irish nationality.

Who cannot vote

EU citizens who are resident in the UK are not eligible to vote in this election.

Polling card

The first issue of poll cards will be sent by post on Monday 18 November 2019. The final issue of poll cards will be sent on Monday 2 December 2019.

Postal vote

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 26 November 2019 by 5pm.

Postal votes will be issued in two batches. Postal votes in place by Friday 1 November will be sent via post around Saturday 23 November. All other postal votes will be sent via post around Tuesday 3 December.

If you wish to cancel your postal vote, you must send us a request in writing. This can be done by email to electoral.services@lewisham.gov.uk or by post to the address below. Cancellations of postal votes must reach us by 5pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019.

Proxy vote

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 4 December 2019 by 5pm.

Election timetable

  • notice of election, Wednesday 6 November
  • deadline for nominations, Thursday 14 November, 4pm
  • statement of persons nominated published, Thursday 14 November, 4pm
  • notice of election agents, Thursday 14 November, 4pm
  • deadline for registration, Tuesday 26 November, 12 midnight
  • deadline for postal vote applications, Tuesday 26 November, 5pm
  • deadline for proxy vote applications, Wednesday 4 December, 5pm
  • appointment of counting agents, Thursday 5 December
  • first day to reissue postal votes, Friday 6 December
  • Polling Day, Thursday 12 December, 7am–10pm
  • declaration of results, Friday 13 December, approximately 3am.

Other key dates

  • first poll cards sent by post, 15 November 2019
  • first issue of postal votes, 23 November 2019
  • final issue of postal votes, 3 December 2019.

Polling stations

Notice of polls and statement of persons nominated


Electoral Services

Email: electoral.services@lewisham.gov.uk