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Our staff forums

Find out about our different staff forums.

Staff forums offer a space for staff to get together, network and share ideas and support.

Climate Emergency Staff Forum (CESF)

The CESF allows staff to:

  • input or feedback into measures arising from the Climate Emergency Action Plan
  • share ideas for environmental actions
  • be kept up to date with climate action progress.

BAME Professional Network

The BAME Professional Network:

  • informs local and national policy
  • provides a range of services to staff
  • gives something back to local communities.

Disabled Staff forum

At the forum, staff with disabilities can:

  • exchange information
  • discuss key organisational issues
  • be part of a support network.

LGBTQ+ staff forum

Lewisham Council has a LGBTQ+ Staff Forum which is managed by staff who work to promote LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace. The forum represents staff who identify as LGBTQ+ and acts as a point of contact and a confidential space for LGBTQ+ staff across the council to represent their interests.

  • share ideas and best practice
  • support each other