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Building safer communities

Every resident feels safe and secure living here as we work together towards a borough free from the fear of crime.

Less crime and less fear of crime

  • We will focus on combating sexual violence and domestic abuse.
  • We will support all survivors who are able, and choose to, flee violence and domestic abuse through our work with the voluntary sector. We will give survivors priority in social housing allocation.

Less young people involved in and impacted by criminal behaviour

  • We will develop a public health approach to youth violence and knife crime that looks at tackling the root causes.
  • We will ensure all agencies – social services, schools, police and our NHS – work together while involving parents and local communities.
  • We will continue to work with the organisations we supported to gain funding from the Mayor of London’s Young Londoners’ Fund in their delivery of services to turn children away from crime and provide early interventions.
  • We will focus on combating child sexual exploitation and peer-on-peer abuse.
  • We will work with local retailers to tackle underage purchasing of knives by supporting more businesses in Lewisham to sign up to our Responsible Retailers Agreement.
  • We will campaign for national legislation to make our Responsible Retailers Agreement compulsory, so there is stricter guidance on the sale of knives.

Communities and individuals empowered and supported to work in partnership with the Council and the police

  • We will work with the police to ensure that stop and search is used in a responsible intelligence-led manner.
  • We will support the community to scrutinise the use of stop and search to ensure it is genuinely intelligence led, and challenge the police when it is not.
  • We will publish an annual modern slavery statement outlining our actions to tackle slavery and forced labour.
  • We will work to eliminate modern slavery from our supply chain, by requiring all companies who get public funding or contracts from the Council to comply with our modern slavery statement.
  • We will continue to support the Lewisham Safer Neighbourhood Boards by working with partners, including the police, to focus on the needs of our local communities.