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Our priorities

We will continue to work with our vibrant local groups and public services to provide opportunities, support our residents to improve their quality of life and offer them the best chance to overcome any barriers they face.
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Open Lewisham

Lewisham is a welcoming place of safety for all, where we celebrate the diversity that strengthens us.

Tackling the housing crisis

Everyone has a decent home that is secure and affordable.

Giving children and young people the best start in life

Every child has access to an outstanding and inspiring education, and is given the support they need to keep them safe, well and able to achieve their full potential.

Building an inclusive local economy

Everyone can access high-quality job opportunities, with decent pay and security in our thriving and inclusive local economy.

Delivering and defending: health, social care and support

Ensuring everyone receives the health, mental health, social care and support services they need.

Making Lewisham greener

Everyone enjoys our green spaces, and benefits from a healthy environment as we work to protect and improve our local environment.

Building safer communities

Every resident feels safe and secure living here as we work together towards a borough free from the fear of crime.