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Lewisham Council and Brexit

Find out how we are responding in the run-up to Brexit.

In the 2016 referendum almost 70% of residents in the borough voted to remain as a member of the EU.

Our stance on Brexit

We believe diversity is one of the borough’s greatest strengths and we want to protect the rights of all our residents, including EU citizens.

Many vital council and health sector jobs are provided by people from the EU – without them, much of what we do could be severely affected with an increased pressure on services that cannot be estimated.

We recently passed a motion which:

  • notes the risk Brexit poses for our community and public services
  • calls for a referendum on any terms of exit from the EU with an option for the UK to remain in the EU.

What we are doing to prepare for Brexit

As it is currently uncertain what the UK’s future relationship with the rest of the EU will be, we are:

  • working with other public services providers in Lewisham, including the NHS and the emergency services, as well as other London boroughs to minimise any impact of the UK leaving the EU with no withdrawal agreement (‘no-deal’ Brexit)
  • advising our EU residents on their rights
  • encouraging all employers in Lewisham to support their non-UK staff from other EU countries.