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Community Services structure

See the structure for the Community Services directorate.
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  • Tom Brown, Executive Director for Community Services
    • Martin Wilkinson, Director of Integrated Care and Commissioning
      • Dee Carlin, Director of Adults Integrated Commissioning
        • Iain McDiarmid, Service Manager – Prevention and Inclusion
        • Corinne Moocarme, Joint Commissioner
        • Heather Hughes, Joint Commissioner
        • Kenny Gregory, Joint Commissioner
      • Sarah Wainer, Director of Systems Transformation
        • Fiona Kirkman, Preventative and Early Intervention Programme Manager
    • Joan Hutton, Director of Adult Social Care
      • Wioletta Lewandowska, Principal Social Worker
      • Denise O'Brien, Service Manager – Mental Health Lewisham (SLaM)
      • Kate Pottinger, Service Manager – Integrated Neighbourhoods
      • Brian Scouler, Service Manager – Safeguarding and Risk
      • Michele Oliver-Lockwood, Service Manager – Internal Provider Service
      • Linda Smith, (Interim) Service Manager – Learning Disabilities and Transitions
      • Glynn Jones, Service Manager – Joint Health and Social Care Prevention Service
      • Duncan Stamp, Service Manager – Therapy
      • Mary Farinha, Service Manager – Service Development and Transformation
      • Martin Crow, Lewisham Safeguarding Board Business Manager
    • Liz Dart, Director of Culture, Learning and Libraries
      • Sidra Hall-Reid, Head of Adult Learning Lewisham
      • Andy Thomas, Cultural Development Manager
      • Antonio Rizzo, Library, Information and Theatre Services Manager
    • James Lee, Director of Communities, Partnerships and Leisure
      • Sakthi Suriyaprakasam, Service Manager – Community Development
      • Gary Connors, Service Manager – Crime, Enforcement and Regulation
      • Vince Buchanan, Service Manager – GreenScene
      • Alison Beck, Service Group Manager – Bereavement Services
    • Catherine Mbema, Director of Public Health
      • Trish Duffy, Public Health Intelligence Officer
      • Pauline Cross, Public Health Strategist
      • Frances Fuller, Public Health Strategist
      • Helen Buttivant, Consultant in Public Health
      • Aslam Baig, Public Health Strategist
      • Kerry Lonergan, (Interim) Consultant in Public Health
      • Gwenda Scott, Public Health Strategist