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Residents' comments about plans for Beckenham Place Park

We asked residents from Lewisham and Bromley for their views about the plans to transform Beckenham Place Park.

Here you can read a selection of their comments.

It's a beautiful space. The proposals are much needed.

The park needs to become a focus to bring together the community. Richmond Park is a great example of natural wilderness. It's a shame to see the loss of the golf course but the scheme is the best for the wider community.

I agree such a large space should be restored to benefit more of the community and attract visitors from further afield, providing car parking and local transport are considered in detail.
Great that you are thinking about improving the use of the park.

I welcome the idea of injecting new life into the park.

The Heritage Lottery funding for the restoration is excellent.

The proposals as seen (March 2016) seem very good and cater a wide range of community interests. I support the campaign.

Great that you are thinking about improving the use of the park.

I think it's a brilliant idea and am totally supportive.

I can't wait to see the improved park. So much better for all!

Looking forward to seeing the results.

I fully support these proposals to modernise the park and encourage more people to visit – turning the park into a people's park, not a golfer’s park!

It is a huge under-resourced, under-valued park and a significant natural resource. If it is done well and suitably managed and resourced with multiple and varied users then it could be a fantastic asset for Lewisham.