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Parking in Beckenham Place Park

The car park in front of the Mansion will close permanently from 18 March 2019.

Why is the car park closing?

The car park is to become a carriageway drive once more. This is part of our work to restore the Georgian setting of the mansion for all to enjoy.

What parking will there be in the restored park?

The new car park will open when the works in the park finish. It will have 108 spaces (36 more than the old one).

Why is there a time lag between one car park closing and the other opening?

There were some drainage issues in the new car park. This caused a delay in planting the grass in the reinforced grass matting in the new car park. The grass needs to have time to establish before heavy vehicles drive on it. Unfortunately, this means that the new car park will not be ready for use until July.

What parking is available in the park in the mean time?

Around half the current spaces in the park are still available.

You can still park along the drive, on the left-hand side when driving into the park from Beckenham Hill Road. There is a turning point before the mansion, so that vehicles can turn round and leave the same way they came in.

You can also park on the left-hand side (when driving south) of the southern end of the drive will also be used for parking. There is a one-way system along this stretch of the drive. Vehicles leave onto Beckenham Place Park road rather than back onto Beckenham Hill Road. This is because there is not space to turn along this stretch of the drive. Only cars, no delivery trucks or works vehicles, may use the Beckenham Place Park (road).

For this system to work, all drivers must park only in the areas marked for parking. Vehicles must not enter the park through the Beckenham Place Park (road) gate.

If at all possible, please find other ways to get to the park.

Is there designated disabled parking?

Yes, on the reinforced grass opposite the mansion, towards Braeside gate.

How else can I get to the park?


Beckenham Place Park is within easy cycling distance for much of the borough, with a range of quieter on-road and off-road routes passing nearby or running through the park itself.

Key routes recommended for cycling to Beckenham Place Park.


  • The 54 bus stops outside two of the park gates: ‘Highland Croft’ stop is by the Braeside gate and ‘Beckenham Hill’ stop is outside the Southend Lodge gate. It is a five-minute walk from Braeside gate to the mansion and 5–10 minutes up the drive from the Southend Lodge gate.
  • Many buses stop on Bromley Road near the Green Man – this is a 10-minute walk to the Southend Lodge gate or a 10-minute walk to the Old Bromley Road entrance (for the BMX track). The routes include: 320, 208, 181, 136.
  • Route 354 stops at Ravensbourne Station for entry into the south or eastern sides of the park, or Foxgrove Road for entry via Beckenham Place Park gate.
  • Numerous buses stop at Beckenham Junction, which is a 10–15-minute walk to the park.


  • Beckenham Hill station is served by regular trains (on the London Bridge line via Peckham Rye, Catford, Shortlands, Bromley South). It is less than a five-minute walk from the station to the park entrance.
  • Ravensbourne station (on the far side of the woodland) is also on this line if you wish to enter the park from the southern side or eastern side.
  • Beckenham Junction station is a 10–15-minute walk to the park (entering via Beckenham Place Park gate). This station has trams as well as trains to/from London Bridge, Victoria, Orpington, Lewisham and all the calling points in between.

Where else can I park that is close to the park?

There is unrestricted parking on the roads listed below. We have added approximate walking time from those locations to the mansion.

  • Braeside (five minutes via Braeside gate
  • Blacklands Road (10 minutes via Southend Lodge gate)
  • Dunfield Road (five minutes via Southend Lodge gate)
  • Brangbourne Road (five minutes via Southend Lodge gate or Old Bromley Road gate)
  • Park Road (10 minutes via Beckenham Park Place Road)
  • Beckenham Hill Road (the A2015) runs past the park and also doesn’t have parking restrictions. It is a busy road, so please take care getting out of your vehicle if you do park there.

Who can I contact if I want further information?

Email beckenhamplacepark@lewisham.gov.uk.