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Beckenham Place Park flood defence scheme – questions and answers

Read some of the key questions and answers about the cancellation of the proposed flood defence scheme in Beckenham Place Park.

I thought there was going to be a flood defence scheme in Beckenham Place Park?

The Environment Agency was planning to deliver a flood alleviation scheme along the River Ravensbourne, using the eastern part of Beckenham Place Park to store water from the river in high flow conditions.

The Environment Agency worked on developing this project for several years, and involved us in the plans. We were keen to make sure that the flood scheme would result in a better park for everyone to enjoy.

In July 2018, the Environment Agency decided that the scheme had become too expensive to provide good value for money. As the project developed, the flood modelling showed that the flood alleviation may not be as effective as first hoped, and their estimated costs of delivering the scheme increased dramatically. The Environment Agency concluded that the scheme is unaffordable because the cost increase resulted in a significant funding gap.

What happens about flooding in the borough now?

The Environment Agency is aware of the ongoing flood risk in some parts of the borough. We still want to work with the Environment Agency to reduce this risk for our residents and businesses, but we can’t deliver flood schemes independently.

What will happen in the park instead of the flood scheme?

The railway line cuts across Beckenham Place Park, dividing it into west and east. The flood scheme was only going to be applied to the (smaller) eastern side of Beckenham Place Park.

We will still deliver the rest of the works that were planned as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project on the western side of the park.

We want to make sure that all of Beckenham Place Park is improved and invested in, so that the whole of this huge open space becomes a great place for our residents and communities to enjoy.

Unfortunately, now that the Environment Agency’s flood scheme is no longer going ahead, we have to begin again in terms of developing designs and securing funding for the east side of the park.

Work on this new project is now beginning and we are working hard to get funding and engage partners to make sure we make the most of this part of Beckenham Place Park for many years to come.