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Moving the South Circular

​Information about the new route for the South Circular road in Catford.

Following detailed discussions with Transport for London, Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet agreed a new route for the South Circular road in Catford to make it easier to walk, cycle and drive in the area.

How will the route of the South Circular change?

The new route will see the gyratory removed and the South Circular road moved behind Laurence House on Catford Road, through the car and lorry park.

The work to change the South Circular road will begin after 2020

What are the benefits of a new South Circular route?

  • The new South Circular road layout will create more space for people to walk in Catford town centre, with wider pavements and new road crossings.
  • Cyclists will be able to use a fully segregated cycle lane on the South Circular and new cycle lanes on the A21.
  • The new route of the South Circular road will bring big changes to Catford town centre, including new homes and new jobs.

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