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Improvements to the stations in Catford

The area around Catford Bridge Station and Catford Station will be improved to create a safe and welcoming space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Catford and Catford Bridge stations are the two main arrival points into Catford.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on how we use public transport with many people working from home. Improvements for the stations area will be delivered by late 2022 by which time we can expect travel patterns to be similar to before the pandemic.

These changes are not just about commuters or train users, these measures will help people move through this key area in the town centre.

The ideas include:

  • widening the pavement on Catford Road between the steps to the London-bound platform at Catford Bridge and Catford Station.
  • widening the underpass between the Halfords and Wickes site and the station
  • two decks across the river linking spaces between the station and providing a space to relax, meet and greet people
  • explore additional entrances at the northern end of the station to make it easier for Catford commuters to get on and off trains
  • secured covered cycle parking
  • additional planning and environmental improvements to the space
  • develop a plan for a new local amenity in the disused ticket office to discuss with the owners.

Space will be accessible across multiple entrances and levels with improvements that will help make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

A previously discussed option of a footbridge over the Hayes railway line between Doggett Road and Catford Green proved unfeasible due to the complexities and costs. This funding will be reallocated towards the proposed stations improvements and plans will be shared with the local community in spring 2021.

Find out more about the ideas for the stations in Catford.