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A green town centre

Our vision is for Catford to be the greenest town centre in London

The Framework Plan will:

  • Reroute the South Circular, creating new areas of public space with trees and planting.
  • Transform the town centre to become largely car-free, with new safe routes to enable walking and cycling.
  • Prioritise nature to create a cleaner, healthier and a more sustainable town centre for the benefit of people, urban wildlife and ecology.
  • Celebrate the River Ravensbourne with access to the water’s edge for the local community throughout the new Ravensbourne Quarter.
  • Require developers to meet our vision for a Greener Lewisham and help meet our pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030 through a green toolkit.

Green space in the town centre means:

  • Urban planting to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions, improve air quality and dampen traffic noise.
  • More greenery in town centres to help cool increasing temperatures as a result of a changing climate.
  • Planting on streets and in public spaces to enhance biodiversity and create ‘green stepping stones’ from natural spaces around the town centre including the River Pool linear park and Ladywell Fields.
  • Sustainable drainage to help reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Green space to encourage outdoor physical activity and offer stress-reducing benefits.

See the Framework Plan for more details on the vision to create a green town centre.