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Crime prevention using public space protection orders (PSPOs)

We use public space protection orders (PSPOs) to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in specific areas.

What a PSPO is

A PSPO restricts what activities can happen in an area. It applies to everyone in that area and can last for a maximum of three years. We can impose a PSPO if we believe an area in the borough is being used for activity that is:

  • illegal

  • causing a problem or nuisance

  • negatively impacting the community.

What happens if you breach a PSPO

It is illegal to breach a PSPO. If you do, you could get a £100 fixed penalty notice or, if convicted, a fine of up to £1,000.

What PSPOs are in place in the borough

Borough-wide PSPOs

From January 2018, a PSPO went live in the borough which makes it illegal to:

  • keep drinking alcohol when asked to stop by an authorised council officer or a police officer

  • use psychoactive substances

  • set up unauthorised encampments of any kind, including caravans, tents or other structures

  • not put your dog on a lead when asked to do so by an authorised council officer or a police officer

  • be in control of more than four dogs at a time

  • not clean up after your dog.

Restricted-area PSPOs

In specific areas in the borough, there are PSPOs which make it illegal to:

  • take your dog into dog-exclusion zone (see maps below)

  • take your dog off its lead in a dogs-on-leads zone (see maps below).

What orders PSPOs replace

Public space protection orders replace:

  • designated public place orders (to control alcohol consumption)

  • dog control orders

  • gating orders (right-of-way restrictions that reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder). 

Reporting PSPO breaches

You can report antisocial behaviour to us using our online form.

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