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Consultation on changes to the eastern side of Beckenham Place Park

We ran an initial consultation to hear what Lewisham residents and the wider community want from the eastern side of the park. You will fin updates on this project on the Beckenham Place Park website.

Beckenham Place Park with the east side highlighted

Earlier this year, we undertook some early consultation seeking views on:

  • how the east side of the park is used
  • what people like and don’t like
  • and how it might be improved.

We are now developing some designs idea and from late August and throughout September 2020 we will be seeking views on the proposed designs for the eastern side of the park.

Due to COVID-19, the primary means of consultation will be online, through questionnaires and several webinar-type conferencing sessions.

How to have your say

  • Review the proposed design by downloading the Beckenham Place Park East consultation boards (PDF) and provide your feedback via our online survey
  • There will be display boards in the eastern side of the park. You can visit and take a look any time. The boards have a barcode on the right hand side corner. If you have a smartphone, point your camera at that code and it will take you to the survey so you can submit your feedback. You can also download the Beckenham Place Park East consultation boards (PDF)
  • There will be opportunities to talk to designers via a live online session where our designers will talk through the scheme’s aims, objective and ideas.See below for details.
  • You can also email adam.platts@lewisham.gov.uk.


We are hosting two webinars where landscape architects and Council officers will give an overview of the latest design proposals. You will also be able to put forward comments and questions.

  • Monday 21 September, 2pm
  • Tuesday 22 September, 7pm.

The webinars will last approximately 40 minutes. They will be on Microsoft Teams.

To join the webinars:

  1. Click on the correct link below at the scheduled time.
  2. This will open a window with two options. If you already have the Microsoft Teams app click “go straight to the presentation”. If you don’t have the Microsoft Teams app click “watch on the web instead."
  3. This opens another window saying welcome to the live event. Click on the “join anonymously” link. This will take you directly to the webinar which will start at the specified time and date.
  4. You can type questions and make comments during the webinar and we will try and respond to as many of these as we can during the webinar.

What happens next?

After September, the Regeneration team will develop more detailed designs taking into account all the feedback provided. We will consult again on these details before we finalise the designs in 2021.

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