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Census 2021

Census 2021 launches this February. The information collected is private and is used to plan for the future allocation of resources.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) manage the census, with some support from local authorities. For more information on their work, and how they manage the census, visit the ONS website.

Why is the census important?

Historically, our borough has had a very good response rate to the census. In 2011, over 88 percent of properties completed the census form. This is important, because it allows government, agencies and charities to have a detailed picture of our residents and their needs.

The census informs policy decisions, and directly impacts the funding that our borough receives. For example, the census information helps to identify:

  • areas of deprivation, which receive targeted funding and initiatives
  • the number of people with a disability, which directly impacts our funding for disability services
  • car ownership and usage, which will inform our air pollution, parking and road traffic management policies.

When is the census and what do you need to do?

The ONS sent a letter to all properties towards the end of February 2021 with details for how to complete your census form.

The majority of properties will be asked to complete the form online.

When you receive the letter from ONS, please complete the census form as soon as possible, and no later than 30 April 2021.

Getting support to complete the census questionnaire

Each household will shortly receive a letter containing an unique access code so that they can complete the census questionnaire online.

For some people, depending on your circumstances, you may require additional support to complete your questionnaire. There are support centres available that can help either on a face to face basis or remotely by telephone.

Appointments can only be made by contacting the centres directly using the dedicated support line numbers. Appropriate guidelines will be in place in line with Government COVID-19 restrictions.

Do not turn up to any of the support centres without an appointment as you will not be seen.

Census Support Centres in Lewisham

Crofton Park Community Library

375 Brockley Road



Mobile: 07930 857 266

Email: census.croftonparklibrary@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Friday, 10am–6pm (opening times may change depending on lifting of restrictions).

Sydenham Community Library

210 Sydenham Road


SE26 5SE

Mobile: 07930 857 266

Email: census.sydenhamlibrary@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Thursday, 10am–6pm (opening times may change depending on lifting of restrictions).