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Family Capoeira (all ages) ONLINE

During this exciting 5-week online course, suitable for all ages and abilities, you and your child will explore the dance and music of Capoeira art. Fun sessions will help bonding between parents and children. From the comfort of your home, your course tutor will guide you through warm-ups, Capoeira moves and rhythm and singing exercises, which contribute to your and your child?s general fitness, coordination and focus, alongside learning Brazilian Portuguese and facts about Brazil and Capoeira.

Family Capoeira (all ages) ONLINE (WFJ2T57BR)


from 4. 30pm to 5. 30pm

For 5 weeks.


21 January 2021


18 February 2021


Online and distance learning


£3 (full)

£3 (reduced)

£3 (concession)

Enrol now

To enrol call 020 8314 6959 Monday to Thursday 10am–4pm. More ways to enrol

Call: 020 8314 6959

What prior knowledge, experience and qualifications will I need?
To make the best possible start on your course, you should be able to send and receive email, find your way around online, download files and use online conferencing. You should also be aware of the essentials of computer security to keep your data and personal information safe.

Learning Goals:
Demonstrate two different Capoeira sequences, and name three moves Clap the Capoeira rhythm, sing a choir part of two Capoeira songs in response Greet in Brazilian Portuguese Answer three questions about Capoeira art and its history in a fun quiz

What teaching methods will the tutor use?
The tutor will use a range of online teaching methods during the course which may include the following: written and visual instructions, technical handouts, videos, audio clips via you tube, quizzes, interactive online exercises, recommended learning sites using Google classroom or Moodle. Your tutor may also arrange one to one or small group remote tuition, observation and assessment of progress, and discussion/question and answer sessions using an online platform such as Google Meet or Zoom.

What assessment methods will the tutor use?
The course tutor will use a range of methods to assess your progress on the course. These may include: observation and evaluation of your practice; question and answer sessions, completion of ILPs, individual feedback, and photographs of work.

Will extra work be required outside the class times?
You will need to take every opportunity to develop your learnt skills by taking full advantage of our virtual learning environment and logging in regularly to ensure you are prepared for your next session. You will be guided to sign into your course on Moodle which will be your platform to access your course materials and activities, including homework.

What materials will I need for the course and how much will they cost?
You will need to be able to access the online course resources and meetings via your phone, tablet or laptop/PC. Zoom or google meet video conferencing will be used for regular virtual classroom meetings. You will be required to log in to Google classroom or Moodle to access your ILP, course materials, information and homework, or to submit tasks or pictures of your work to your tutor for feedback. You will usually be sent an email with a link/information on how to join the class within 1-2 days of the start date of the course. If you do not receive this, please contact the curriculum leader.

What do I need to bring to the first class?
You will need to be able to access the online course resources and meetings via your phone, tablet or laptop/PC.

Options when finished
You can enrol on other family learning courses to enjoy and learn new skills together with your child, a family learning English or maths course to further develop your skills and enable you to help your child with more confidence. You may also progress on to one of our many exciting courses for adults in a wide range of subject areas including accredited courses in some subject areas.

Additional information
In order to be able to actively participate in this online course, you will need to have the recommended basic equipment at home. The course tutor or curriculum leader will contact you prior to the start date to clarify how the course will operate, what you will need for the first session, and how and when you will be able to communicate with them.

For general enquiries and course availability information call 0208 314 3300. For more detailed information and guidance about the course:

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