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Changes to rubbish and recycling collections

Find out about the changes to rubbish and recycling collections that were introduced from October 2017.

What changed

In 2017, we introduced a free weekly food waste collection service for most households. We also changed rubbish collections to fortnightly.

Your rubbish, recycling, food waste and, if you subscribe to the service, garden waste are now collected on the same day. Find your collection day.

How to use the service

Find out how to use your new silver food waste bins. Now that your rubbish is collected fortnightly, you will also need to use your green bin to recycle as much as possible.

Tell us if you’re having problems with your collections.

Who is affected by the changes

If you have your own rubbish and recycling wheelie bins (mostly people who live in a house, or a flat in a converted house), you now get the free food waste collection service.  Your rubbish collections have changed to fortnightly.

If you live in a block of flats and use communal bins there are no changes.

Some properties on red routes still get a weekly rubbish collection, see below for more details.

Which roads aren’t affected

If you live on an estate or on one of the following roads you will not be getting the new food waste service and your rubbish collections will remain weekly:

  • Amersham Vale

  • Brockley Cross

  • Bromley Road odd numbers 1–29

  • Catford Hill odd numbers 11–51, even numbers 14–116

  • Deptford High Street

  • Eastdown Park number 11

  • Friendly Street

  • Havelock Walk

  • Hither Green Lane even numbers 106–220

  • Honor Oak Park odd numbers 25–63, even numbers 30–68

  • Ivy Road

  • Lee High Road odd numbers 1–91, even numbers 2–162

  • Loampit Hill

  • Loampit Vale

  • Marischal Road

  • Milton Court Road

  • Montpelier Vale

  • New Cross Road

  • Parkfield Road

  • Queen's Road

  • Royal Parade

  • Rushey Green

  • Ryculff Square

  • Sandhurst Parade

  • Southvale Road

  • Tranquil Vale (flats above shops).

Why rubbish and recycling collections changed

  1. To increase recycling rates: when we recycle we use fewer natural resources, which helps the environment.
  2. To save money: by introducing food waste recycling and making rubbish collections fortnightly, we could save £500,000 a year.
  3. To respond to your feedback: in our 2015 consultation, 67% of residents asked for a food waste service and 94% thought it was important to recycle more.