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Volunteers' Week: Mayor's open letter to Lewisham's volunteers

Damien Egan, Mayor of Lewisham, highlights the incredible contribution of the borough's volunteers

This week is Volunteers’ Week and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for volunteering in Lewisham. Lewisham’s community response to supporting residents over the past few months has highlighted the incredible work of our borough’s volunteers.

Damien Egan meeting volunteers in Lewisham

I am proud to be Mayor of our borough that is home to such a thriving and dedicated voluntary and community sector which, over many years, has helped make a difference to so many peoples’ lives. The generosity of volunteers in Lewisham in response to coronavirus has been truly inspiring. The pandemic has had a profound impact on all of our lives and a growing number of people need our support. In the face of such anxiety about the future, thousands of Lewisham residents including you have rallied together to help their neighbours – from delivering food and medicines to simply having a friendly conversation with those who feel isolated.

During lockdown I have seen many of our amazing community projects find new ways to safely help our communities.

Whether you have been volunteering in the borough for many years or have just recently begun to do so, I am incredibly grateful for everything you are doing.

Thank you and best wishes,

Damien Egan's signature

Damien Egan

Mayor of Lewisham

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